The Project

Established in 2009, the Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard ( is Toronto’s first community orchard in a public park. We maintain 14 fruit trees (apples, Asian pears, apricots, cherries and plums) and a large pollinator garden.

Our goal is to provide a model for other community groups in how to care for fruit trees. Our twice-monthly stewardship days involve fruit tree care (winter and summer pruning, pest and disease prevention, irrigation, and mulching) and pollinator garden maintenance (weeding, watering and deadheading).

We also want to beautify and animate our park, build community and teach our volunteers fruit tree care and gardening skills.

The Impact

Your donation will help us to purchase: compost or manure for spring mulching ($150 a year), straw for winter mulching ($50 a year), replacement fruit trees for diseased trees ($50 per tree), additional pollinator garden plants and herbs ($250) and T-shirts for our new volunteers ($30 per volunteer), Park signage ($800-$1000).

Goal: $2,000

More information about our campaign at: